Grapefruit Rocks, two miles north of Globe Creek Camp

Campers resting on Wickersham Dome

Looking at mountains near Globe Creek through the beautiful woods.

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The Facility and Grounds at Globe Creek CampPhoto from above Globe Creek Camp with the forty acres outlined.

The forty acres of Globe Creek Camp are outlined in this photo.

Globe Creek Camp is located about one hour north of Fairbanks at 37-Mile Elliot Highway, at 685 feet above sea level. It consists of forty acres all to the left of the Elliot Highway. Globe Creek winds through the camp. The Alaska Pipeline runs past the camp in the distance. The Grapefruit Rocks are two miles north, and it is on the edge of the White Mountains Recreation area. Wickersham Dome's hiking trails are to the south.

The drawing below shows the current development of the camp, with its lodge, four cabins (two completed), director's cabin, fields, sledding hill, with the Globe Creek winding throughout the forty acres of camp land.

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Drawing of the Globe Creek development plan