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AWYC, Inc. is the organization that is operating Globe Creek Camp. It was founded in 2000 by our Executive Director, Mike Dynes. The Vision of AWYC is to reach out to youth from all cultures providing outdoor adventure, survival education and promoting proper heart attitudes toward God, their fellow man, themselves and their environment.

Letter from the Executive Director

2010 was the 10th Anniversary of Alaska Wilderness Youth Camps! In the ten years since the vision for a youth camp was birthed in our hearts, we have seen the vision unfolding and developing. It has been very exciting. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful land that has such abundant resources and opportunities. We have watched over the years as industries from oil to tourism have flourished and cities have grown and prospered.

But, what has happened to our youth? Are they flourishing and prospering? Some are doing well, but far too many are entering into lifestyles that will lead them to drugs and alcohol, premarital sex, crime, violence, just to name a few. Many youth are trapped in their city or village with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and with no one who really knows how to care. Has our wealthy state been able to help our youth to a better life? Have all the social programs been able to change our troubled youth?

The purpose for Alaska Wilderness Youth Camps is to provide a place away from the everyday pressures of living where our youth can learn that God has a purpose for their lives, that they are loved, and that they are significant. We will teach them skills for the wilderness and for their lives at home. We will show them that God has a better way–overcoming through faith in Christ Jesus.

Thank you for your participation out at Globe Creek Camp, for helping us to reach these goals.

Mike Dynes
Executive Director

History of Globe Creek Camp

By Founder Mike Dynes

Having a place for youth that provides the quality outdoor
opportunities; and having them near camp is very important to the success and purpose of this Youth Camp. So many of our youth today sit behind video screens or the television and have no vision for their lives. At Globe Creek Camp, group recreation has an important purpose for all that it does. It takes youth out of their normal life comforts (or traps) and helps them become over-comers in life.  Many youths while at camp find their God-given courage and inner strength to make important decisions for themselves that otherwise may have been too hard for them to make.

The vision for this youth camp started in February of 2000. I was the Youth Pastor for my church and felt lead of the Lord to find a piece of land to have a place for the youth to enjoy the His great outdoors.
In November of 2000, Alaska Wilderness Youth Camps received our State of Alaska non-profit corporation papers. We immediately
applied for forty acres of State land that we found located in the Globe Creek valley. After a lengthily four-year process, we acquired the land by being the high bidder at the public outcry auction held in September of 2004. Globe Creek Valley was chosen as the site for a year around youth camp and retreat center because of its many
outdoor recreational possibilities. Globe Creek is a beautiful fast
running mountain stream that meanders through the center of our forty acres. One mile to the north are several mountains with many large granite outcroppings known as Grapefruit Rocks. Hiking trails are already established and the views are inspiring from on top. To the south, nine miles is the White Mountains Summit Trail, a popular high alpine mountain trail.

We conducted summer and winter youth camps in various different places prior to acquiring the land at Globe Creek. In June of 2005 the roads, parking lot and building pads were constructed. Construction on the lodge began in August. Building a youth camp from the ground up is a rare thing these days but, thanks to many very generous individuals and businesses, we are nearing the completion of the lodge and two cabins.

2010 marked the 10th year of Alaska Wilderness Youth Camps Inc, as a non-profit corporation.

Board of Directors

Mike and Marsha Dynes, Board of DirectorsMike and Marsha Dynes are the founders of Alaska Wilderness Youth Camps, Inc. in 2000. Mike was born in Fairbanks. His family homesteaded at 17 Mile Chena Hot Spring Road, after living on the property of the current Camp Liwa! He is a builder who has built and maintained many homes in the Fairbanks-North Pole area. He is a founding Elder of Freedom in Christ Church in the North Pole. He has served as Builder, Youth Minister, Children’s Minister, Worship Leader. Mike has been married to Marsha since 1984, and both have been ordained as Ministers by Freedom In Christ Church. They have three sons, three grandchildren, and three step-grandchildren.

Marsha was raised in Washington State. She graduated from Simpson University when it was in San Francisco, majoring in Missions. Moving to Alaska in 1977, she graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, majoring in Music. She has taught piano since 1971 and wrote The Piano Language Method. Marsha has served in Children’s Ministry, Worship Team, and Bible Teaching. In 2000 Mike and Marsha Dynes began the process of developing a Christian Camp and Retreat Center. He is the Executive Director of AWYC and Marsha is the Registrar.

Pastor Rick and Ruth Sikma, Board of DirectorsRick and Ruth Sikma have served Alaska Wilderness Youth Camps as Vice President and as Treasurer. They were raised in Iowa, and have been in Alaska since 1980. Pastor Rick graduated from Reformed Bible College, and also attended Gordon Conwell Seminary and Westminster Seminary. Rick has served as pastor for many years, with the Christian Reformed Church, the Christian, and Missionary Alliance Church and the Freedom in Christ Church which is in the North Pole area. Ruth is retired from the Department of Environment Conservation, where she worked as a supervisor for 15 years.

They have a ministry called Outpost Evangelism. Rick and Ruth have traveled to work/minister in Kenya and Uganda, Africa several times. Pastor Rick and Ruth have been married since 1961. They have two children and four grandchildren. He is very active in Alaska with the community and political events. Pastor Rick is an avid hunter and has ministered to the campers many times over the years. His heart is for the spiritual health and well-being of each camper. Though out all of Rick’s work Ruth supports him effortlessly.

TinaEric-150x150Eric and Tina Johnson have served on the AWYC Board of Directors since the beginning as well. Eric grew up in the North Pole, and Tina has lived in Fairbanks since the mid-’70s. They attend North Pole Worship Center and supply our subsistence point-of-view for the camp. Eric has strong skills in working with wilderness issues.  Eric has also been involved with the camp construction since its start.  Tina works for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Eric and Tina have been married since 1979. They have three children and five grandchildren. Eric is also a retired power lineman. Tina has worked and assisted as a camp cook. Tina is learning the ropes to help maintain this website. Eric has helped find the heavy equipment needed and assisted with finding people to donate their time, skills and materials. Eric has also been dedicated to the construction process of the zip-line and seeing it through to completion.

Norma Williams, Board of DirectorsNorma McNicol has been one of the creative-idea members of the AWYC Board of Directors since 2000. She was raised in Florida, graduating from Barry International University. She has two children and two grandchildren. Her ministry is to work with people and their spiritual needs. She is retired from the Army. Her support of the camp and the decision-making for AWYC has been much appreciated. Norma is a key volunteer and can be counted on to show up and work.

Bob and April Wetzel, Board of DirectorsBob and April Wetzel are Board of Director members who actively participate in supporting AWYC with wise decision-making as well as with action. Bob is an elder at Freedom in Christ Church.  Bob is a semi-retired welder and has put together several very important pieces of equipment for AWYC. They have nine children and 17 grandchildren. Their contributions in building the camp have been very valuable. April has worked tirelessly as the camp cook. We are so blessed to have April in the kitchen as she is an amazing cook.  Camp food never tasted so good!

Lloyd Kuehl, Board of Directors

Lloyd Kuehl has been on the Board of Directors for AWYC since it began in 2000. He has been ordained by Freedom in Christ Church, where he has served as an Elder, a Deacon, and a prayer leader. He has been in Alaska for many years. He is the father of five daughters, 11 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. As a self-employed Tile and Marble contractor, he has been a great support and helps in the construction of the new camp. But his wisdom and trust in God’s leading on the Board is his greatest contribution.

Screen-Shot-2013-12-15-at-4.53.32-PM-150x150Matthew and Lonnie Urban have been involved with the camp for many years. You will see more information about the awesome couple posted here soon!


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