Cooks, Counselors & Camp Leaders

It would be hard to tell about everybody who has dedicated their time at Globe Creek Camp – without leaving out as many as are mentioned. Here are some who have helped with the campers over the years.

Members from our Board of Directors:

  • April Wetzel – cook, fabulous organization skills, gets it done
  • Bob Wetzel – welder, creator of some of our carts and logging equipment, zip-line attendant
  • Pastor Rick Sikma – speaker, archery, zip-line attendant
  • Tina Johnson – cook, sometimes zip-line attendant
  • Eric Johnson – helps get use of heavy construction equipment, snow machine repair, zip-line attendant
  • Adam Wetzel – counselor, activities, zip-line attendant
  • Lonnie Urban – counselor, goes the extra mile, wide range of amazing skills
  • Matt Urban – counselor, jack of all trades, zip-line
  • Marsha Dynes – registrar, data input, organizer
  • Mike Dynes – master builder, incredible visionary, executive
    director, zip-line certified for a “zipping good time.”

Past Camp Volunteers

  • Harmony (Smith) Bolden and Bruce Bolden– cook, counselor, activities.
  • Zack (Daisy) Welton – CIT-Counselor-In-Training, activities.
  • Tom Josephson – counselor extraordinaire, activities, roofer, log-peeler.
  • Jenna – counselor from Texas
  • Connie – camp helper from Montana
  • Lonnie Urban– counselor,
  • Tina Crook: (CIT) Counselor-In-Training, activities.
  • Carl Lundquist: activities, construction
  • Deanna Sikma: cook’s helper, CIT-Counselor-In-Training.
  • Charlene Sponsel: counselor,camp nurse, activities.
  • Sarah (Snow) Geer: counselor, activities.
  • David Stryzewski: counselor, activities.
  • Stephanie (Sambuco): counselor & activities.
  • Sarah (Johnson) O’Hearn: (CIT) Counselor-
    In-Training, activities.


Deanna Sikma

Charlene Sponsel

Carl Lundquist

JennaHarmonie BoldenTom JosephsonDavid StryzewskiConnieStephanie Sambuco

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