Cooks, Counselors & Camp Leaders

It would be hard to list and tell about everybody who has dedicated their time at Globe Creek Camp. Here are some who have helped with the campers over the years.

Members from our Board of Directors:

  • April Wetzel – cook, fabulous organization skills, gets it done
  • Bob Wetzel – welder, creator of some of our carts and logging equipment, zip-line attendant
  • Pastor Rick Sikma – speaker, archery, zip-line attendant
  • Tina Johnson – cook, zip-line attendant
  • Eric Johnson – helps with finding the use of heavy construction equipment, snow machine repair, zip-line attendant
  • Adam Wetzel – counselor, activities, zip-line attendant
  • Lonnie Urban – counselor, goes the extra mile, a wide range of amazing skills
  • Matt Urban – counselor, jack of all trades, zip-line
  • Marsha Dynes – registrar, data input, organizer
  • Mike Dynes – master builder, incredible visionary, executive
    director, zip-line certified for a ‘zipping good time’.

Past Camp Volunteers

  • Harmony (Smith) Bolden and Bruce Bolden– cook, counselor, activities.
  • Zack (Daisy) Welton – CIT-Counselor-In-Training, activities.
  • Tom Josephson – counselor extraordinaire, activities, roofer, log-peeler.
  • Jenna – counselor from Texas
  • Connie – camp helper from Montana
  • Lonnie Urban– counselor,
  • Tina Crook: (CIT) Counselor-In-Training, activities.
  • Carl Lundquist: activities, construction
  • Deanna Sikma: cook’s helper, CIT-Counselor-In-Training.
  • Charlene Sponsel: counselor,camp nurse, activities.
  • Sarah (Snow) Geer: counselor, activities.
  • David Stryzewski: counselor, activities.
  • Stephanie (Sambuco): counselor & activities.
  • Sarah (Johnson) O’Hearn: (CIT) Counselor-
    In-Training, activities.


Deanna Sikma

Charlene Sponsel

Carl Lundquist

JennaHarmonie BoldenTom JosephsonDavid StryzewskiConnieStephanie Sambuco

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