Campers worship around the winter camp fire, sparks flying.

On the Challenge Course

A lineup of successful cross-country skiiers

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Globe Creek boys open their MRE's around the fire on their winter hikeSnow Camp 2013

March 9-11 - Grades 4-10

Enjoying life in the girls' cabin 2010 winter campArrival Time: 10:00 am Sat. $110.00
Departure Time: 5:00 pm Mon.

What better way to spend Spring Break! It is a wild and wacky winter wonderland, and loads of fun. And, our 925 foot Zip-Line will be in use this year, depending on the weather!

Globe Creek Snow Camp 2012 was a great time for all! Campers were served by our excellent cook, April Wetzel.

Winter Campers lined up in front of the lodge ready to go out cross country skiing.

The weather was perfect--above Zero Degrees Farenheit, and up to 20 degrees during the daytime. The sky traded off between bright blue and some offerings of gentle snow flakes.

The campers did snow-shoeing, sledding, snow tag, snow machine, and Globe Creek Golf. They climbed Blueberry Hill, and built a Spruce Survival Shelter that was large enough for fifteen kids.2010 Tubing on Blueberry Hill

Fun group leaders, important teaching from the Bible, some life-changing decisions made by some campers. A good time.