Scheduled Work Teams for 2011:

Needs and Wishes:

Christian Camps and Conferences Alaska Section Logo
This organization provides advice, support, and people resources for the camp, including training conferences for camp leaders.

Roger Wms and friend from Christian Camps and Conferences Association

Roger Willams and friend, in Fairbanks representing Christian Camps and Conferences at the state convention.

Globe Creek Camp could not exist without the support and dedication of:

Staff and Helpers.
Work mission teams from out of town.
Volunteers from the local community.
Donations large and small from local businesses.
Donations large and small from community groups and individuals.

We sincerely thank all of you. The camp is able to minister effectively to more people, because of your diligence.

Work Mission Teams

LightShine Ministries, PennsylvaniaThe work mission team, LightShine, from Pennsylvania

Tom Denlinger, Director
LightShine has a ministry to help Bible camps and organizations in need in the State of Alaska. They form a skilled labor team and spend a week working very hard. This summer, they will be helping to connect our new septic system with all the water systems that were installed in 2011. LightShine built our first two cabins, polished the logs on the lodge, and built the utility addition on the back of the lodge. They have cut a lot of firewoord, and their father-son team blazes hiking trails for our campers.

In the summer of 2010, LightShine sent Dennis and Jane Schlossman to serve for the entire month of July. Jane was our camp cook. Dennis was the camp handyman-medic-cook's helper.

The work mission team from Rabbit Creek Community Church, AnchorageRabbit Creek Community Church, Anchorage
Summer of 2011 will be the third year that Rabbit Creek Community is coming to minister at Globe Creek Camp. Their group of adults and teens has donated and installed tile for the lodge kitchen, cut firewood, donated one of our water storage tanks, helped blaze hiking trails, and donated towards our up-coming restrooms and showers.

The Reynolds Family, TexasThe Reynolds family work team from Texas

This extended family from east Texas has found a place to serve an organization each summer for many years. This was their opportunity to try Alaska. They heard of the camp through Steve and Kayla Bouldin. In their energetic week of service, the roofs of the cabins were completed–no more tarps!

Local Volunteers:

Diligent men and women from Freedom in Christ Church in North Pole.

Hard working men and women from Shelter Bible Church in Fairbanks.

Nick Dynes – bulldozer operator, lineman who put up our rope swing.

Camp Group Leaders, Cooks, Activities Leaders, Counselors-In-Training

It would be hard to tell about everybody who has dedicated their time at Globe Creek Camp – without leaving out as many as are mentioned. Here are some who have helped with the campers over the years.

Members from our Board of Directors, past and present:

Frank Stoneman – sawmill, bunk bed builder, cook.

April Wetzel – cook

Bob Wetzel – welder, creator of some of our carts and logging equipment.

Pastor Rick Sikma – speaker, archery.

Tina Johnson – cook

Eric Johnson – helps get use of heavy construction equipment, snow machine repair.

Aaron Schmude – counselor, camp director, activities, igloo-builder extraordinaire.

Steve BouldinSteve (Puff) Bouldin – camp director, counselor, activities and sports leader, log-peeler, construction, water-hauler.

Kayla Bouldin – cook extraordinaire, log-peeler.Kayla and Steve Bouldin celebrate the removal of the temporary kitchen building

Adam Wetzel – counselor, activities.

Katy LundquistKaty (Dean) Lundquist – archery, counselor, activities, website extraorinaire, log-peeler.

Camp Volunteers:

Harmony (Smith) Bolden and Bruce Bolden– cook, counselor, activities.Harmonie Bolden

Zack (Daisy) Welton – CIT-Counselor-In-Training, activities.

Tom JosephsonTom Josephson – counselor extraordinaire, activities, roofer, log-peeler.

Jenna – counselor from TexasJenna

Connie – camp helper from MontanaConnie

Lonnie TroutLonnie Trout – counselor, activities.

Tina CrookTina Crook – CIT-Counselor-In-Training, activities.

Carl LundquistCarl Lundquist – Activities, construction

Deanna SikmaDeanna Sikma – cook's helper, CIT-Counselor-In-Training.

Charlene Sponsel – counselor, camp nurse, activities.Charlene Sponsel

Sarah (Snow) Geer – counselor, activities.

David Stryzewski – counselor, activities.David Stryzewski

Stephanie SambucoStephanie (Sambuco) – counselor, activities.

Sarah (Johnson) O'Hearn – CIT-Counselor-In-Training, activities.Sarah O'Hearn

Local Business Support and Large Donors

Discounts – Materials – Equipment – Donations


F S and G Aggregate

Sons of the American Legion

George Miller Construction – well-work

The Woodway

An anonymous donor gave an entire logging truck load of logs for our cabins and lodge.

Mike and Lori Butler - the trailer storage van.